2017 HGC All Pro Awards

2017 was a remarkable year for the HGC. We saw brand new teams like Roll20, Team Freedom, Expert, and Beyond the Game rise up to challenge the established elite in their region. Europe shocked the world at the Midseason Brawl, and Korea retaliated by once again claiming the World Championship at Blizzcon. With the 2018 HGC less than a week away, it’s time for one final look back at the 2017 season.


Today, I’m proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Community All Pro awards. The All Pro award is an extremely prestigious award in traditional sports, recognizing the very best player at each position–the elite among the elite. In an ideal world, this would be an award distributed by blizzard, voted on by every player in each league. However, since that doesn’t appear to be a thing, I took it upon myself to do a community version, so that players in each region could receive some level of recognition for their incredible skill. These players showed that not only could they succeed as members of a strong team, but that their individual skill surpassed every other player at their position.


Before we unveil the All Pro teams, let’s meet voting panel:


CavalierGuest–Head Coach of Gale Force Esports (voting on NA, EU, KR, CN)

Moonprayer–Esports Writer for tempostorm.com (voting on NA, EU, KR)

Bahgz–Co-host of Trollin HGC (voting on NA, EU, KR)

Khroen–Pro Player for HeroesHearth Esports (voting on NA)

DBSmiley–Staff Writer for HeroesHearth, and all-around smart human (voting on NA)

GranPKT–Pro Player for Tricked esport (voting on EU)

Casanova–Pro Player for SpaceStation Gaming (voting on NA)

LiqiudGG–Host of Trollin HGC and The Nexus Trolls (voting on NA, EU, KR)


My thanks to everyone for their time and their votes. One final note–the pro players were not allowed to vote for themselves. With all of that out of the way, here are your 2017 All Pro teams.



Tank: Tsst

Honorable Mentions: The votes were fairly split between Noblesse and Tsst, but MVP Black’s frontliner tipped the scales by one vote.

Support: KyoCha

Honorable Mentions: merryday received several votes as well, but Kyocha ultimately edged out the nomination.

Offlane: Rich

Honorable Mentions: None.

Primary Ranged: Reset

Honorable Mentions: sCsC received one vote, but Reset was the overwhelming winner of the award.

Flex: Jeongha

Honorable Mentions: The votes were fairly split between KyoCha, Sake, and Jeongha, but ultimately the latter took the win.

MVP: Noblesse

While Tsst received more votes in the Tank role, Noblesse was the overwhelming favorite as the Most Valuable Player not only for his talents in game, but also his stellar transition to the coaching role.



Note: I reached out to every community influencer I could think of who follow the scene in China. Only CavalierGuest was willing to provide his insights on the region. So, the following are his votes. 

Tank: Misaka

Support: Alooffool

Offlane: Wind

Primary Ranged: qianxiao

Flex: MelodyC

MVP: 619



Tank: Breez 

Honorable Mentions: None.

Support: SmX 

Honorable Mentions: Bakery received a single vote, but SmX was the overwhelming winner of this award.

Offlane: Wubby 

Honorable Mentions: None.

Primary Ranged: POILK

Honorable Mentions: It should be noted that most of these votes were collected before Gold Club, so POILK was still able to win the vast majority of votes while still a member of Zealots. Snitch and NiC received a single vote each, but every other vote went to POILK.

Flex: adrd

Honorable Mentions: Snitch and Schwimpi each received a nod, but it was the adrd’s drafting skills combined with his hero pool that gave him the majority win.

MVP: Inconclusive

Every voter had a different nomination for EU’s Most Valuable Player. So, congratulations to:

Quackniix, Zaelia, Wubby, Schwimpi, and adrd.


North America

Tank: Justing

Honorable Mentions: There was a single vote for Fury, but every other vote went to Justing.

Support: Jun

Honorable Mentions: Two votes were given to each of Buds and Killuzion, with the remaining majority going to Tempo Storms longtime support.

Offlane: Goku

Honorable Mentions: None.

Primary Ranged: Daneski

Honorable Mentions: Votes were spread across the board in this category, going to Prismaticism, Fan, Kure, and Khroen. However, the tie was ultimately broken in Daneski’s favor. Again, most of these votes were collected before Daneski’s debut with Roll20 at GCWC.

Flex: Psalm

Honorable Mentions: Cattlepillar, Glaurung, Nazmas, and CauthonLuck all received a single nomination, but the name that emerged multiple times belonged to the passionate Kerrigan play of Psalm.

MVP: Goku

Kure, Glaurung, and Justing were all mentioned by the voters, but the Most Valuable Player in North America was overwhelmingly Goku.


Congratulations to all of our 2017 All Pro teams. I’m hoping to do this again with a larger voting panel at the end of Phase 1, so if you’re a pro player or content creator, be on the lookout for a message for me towards the end of the split! Look for all of these players to make their 2018 debut as the HGC kicks off this weekend!


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