Mid-Season Mock PGR


The PGR is amazing. It has done so much for Smash 4. The PGStats crew has created clear delimiters that sponsors and teams can understand. They’ve provided us a clear through-line that connects every big tournament throughout each PGR season.

With CEO Dreamland behind us, we’ve crossed a pretty solid mid-way point for this season. As such, I thought it would be fun to analyze the results thus far, and try to extrapolate a mock PGR. The idea is that if the PGR season ended today, this would be the top 50. Sinilar to mock drafts of the National Football League, the idea is to try and accurately predict, but also create some discussion and storyline leading into the bakck half of the season. Since it’s just me and one friend doing all the research and prep, we won’t be slow-rolling like the normal PGR reveal. Instead, below you’ll find all 50 names in order. Shoutouts to my amazing researcher, Skrasnic, who helped out with collecting all the results for this project. Give him a follow on Twitter.





Before revealing the names, I want to talk about the way this mock PGR was collected. We attempted to mirror what we understand about the current methodology for PGStats, but had no access to their formulas or internal stats. This is in no way affiliated or supported by the official PGStats team. That said, we did do the research and try to base every ranking on the same criteria. Some keys to our system to keep in mind:

  • Placings at S- and A-tier events were given the most weight.
  • Wins against the PGR v2 were used as tiebreakers to separate players with similar placings.
    • Wins were given more weight to lower/unranked players from PGR v2.
  • Consistency was valued over one good run. Top 8 at Civil War was not a ticket to the top 10 without other strong placings throughout the season.
  • Rankings were not weighted based on PGR v2. No player got boosted in their ranking because they placed high last season, we started with a blank slate.
  • Only events on the Tournament Tier System were considered.

Note: At the end of the article I’m going to discuss a few takeaways we learned from this process that could have affected the rankings. We were two guys working on this in our free time, there are bound to be some errors. Please give us feedback and we’ll correct any mistakes. Stay tuned if you have questions or critiques, we may address them there. Apologies again for the lack of graphics and whatnot. If anyone wants to work on another one of these with us to make it prettier, that would be awesome! With that, here is the PGR v3 mid-season ranking.

#50 Pugwest [Marth]  (PGR v2 #39)

Our first draft had Pugwest falling off the PGR entirely. However, upon revisiting he was saved by a solid performance at PAX Arena. He finished 5th at the invitational with a win against ANTi. That top 10 win gave him his spot over other potential candidates. Pugwest sits at the top of about 8 viable candidates for this position, he’ll need a few more solid wins and placings to secure his spot on this season’s top 50.

#49 2scoops FAD | Nicko [Shulk]  (PGR v2 N/A)

Nicko’s benefited from the 2GGC as much as any player. With 25th at both Genesis Saga and Midwest Mayhem Saga, plus a win against ANTi at Civil War, Nicko showed up when the competition came calling. As the season progresses, Nicko could very well climb up this list with more Saga events to come.

#48 LH | Eon [Fox] (PGR v2 N/A)

We worked hard to not over-reward one good run for any player on this list. However, 9th place at an A-tier event like Genesis Saga can’t be ignored. Eon also picked up a win over 6WX at that event. With no other notable placings, Eon will have to put in some work in the second half of the season to not lost his spot.

#47 Noble | Manny [Sonic] (PGR v2 N/A)

Manny is an example of consistency being rewarded. 17th at Genesis 4, 17th at Frame Perfect Series 2, and 9th at Smash Conference create a solid start to his resume. Like Eon, he’ll have to create more volume or pick up a few wins against the top 10 to not fall down the list

#46 MF |LH |K9sbruce [Shiek/Diddy Kong] (PGR v2 N/A)

His 97th at Civil War is the only thing preventing K9 from being ranked higher. 9th at Genesis Saga and Midwest Mayhem 6, along with 25th at Midwest Mayhem Saga create a strong start to the year. With a few more PGR wins and another few good runs, K9 may end up in the top 40 at the end of the season.

#45 CL | DSS [Meta Knight] (PGR v2 N/A)

While he has no higher placings than K9, DSS jumps ahead of him due to a volume of quality placings. 33rd at Civil War represents his lowest S- or A-tier placing. This is an example of our system rewarding consistency over peaks. If DSS continues to perform at this level, he’ll likely remain on the PGR v3 in a similar position.

# 44 Yatta Gaming | JK [Bayonetta] (PGR v2 N/A)

Again, we really did try to reward consistency over one good run. However, JK had one really good run. 7th at Genesis Saga has to earn you a spot on the PGR with only 3 months of data. That run also included wins over Mr. E and Rich Brown. He’s proven he can contend with top 20 talent, and make top 8 at an A-tier, who knows how far JK could go with another good run.

#43 eM | Zenyou [Mario] (PGR v2 N/A)

While he doesn’t yet have his own saga, he is probably going to be on the PGR this season. In his 5th place run at Genesis Saga, Zenyou picked up a win on ESAM. He also finished 9th at Midwest Mayhem Saga and 33rd at Civil War. His 193rd at Genesis 4 is the only thing preventing him from cracking top 40.

#42 Dath [Robin] (PGR v2 #32)

Dath earns the spot above Zenyou pretty much by out-placing him at Genesis. With a 33rd at Genesis 4 and 49th at Civil War, Dath has consistency with the two S-tier events of the year. That combined with 9th at Frame Perfect Series 2 give him this spot.

#41 CLG | NAKAT [Ness/Fox] (PGR v2 Totally Robbed)

Everyone who complained about PGR v2 for leaving off NAKAT gets redemption! His 17th place finish at Genesis 4 included a win over Kameme. Add to that a 33rd at Civil War and a 25th at CEO Dreamland, and NAKAT is putting together a very solid v3 resume.

#40 HY 6S | Javi [Cloud] (PGR v2 N/A)

Unfortunatley, no tournaments in Mexico have earned enough points on the TTS to be considered. However, Javi has put together some solid runs in the states to earn his PGR spot. In his 9th place run at Genesis Saga, he grabbed a win over Tyrant. He also finished 25th at Genesis and 33rd at Civil War. With a PGR win under his belt combined with a 9th at an A-tier, Javi just barely edges out NAKAT for the top 40.

#39 Falln [Rosalina & Luma] (PGR v2 #33)

As we’ll find many times on this list, Civil War was really great for several players. While Falln doesn’t quite have the consistency you’d like in a top 40 player, his 13th at Civil War gave him a solid placing along with a few good wins over players like Wrath and Earth. Without a few more good runs, Falln is at risk of falling towards the bottom of the rankings, especially depending on how the official PGR actually weights Civil War.

#38 KEN [Sonic] (PGR v2 #22)

Now, before everyone starts screaming, we all understand that KEN is a better player than this placing. However, he just doesn’t have many results according to the TTS. He has 17th at Frostbite and 2nd at Tokaigi, and that’s it. While these performances included some solid wins, it’s simply not enough volume to earn a higher placing using our methodology. With one or two more good performances this season, KEN will likely rocket up near the top 20 again.

Edit: It was brought to our attention that we didn’t properly account for KEN’s win over Nairo at the Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier. This would have likely given him a boost of a few spots, probably around #35.

#37 Nietono [Shiek/Diddy Kong] (PGR v2 #36)

In the lower half of this mock PGR, consistency at S tier events makes a big difference. Nietono has a 33rd at Genesis 4 and a 17th at Civil War. Add a top 8 placing to his resume at the Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier, and you have a promising start to the season. If Nietono holds this spot, he’ll be one of the most consistent players over multiple PGR seasons.

#36 MVD [Diddy Kong] (PGR v2 #47)

MVD has put in some work this season to climb up into the top 40. He has also traveled more than anyone else to this point on the list. Panda Global’s resident Diddy Kong has a 33rd or better placing at every S- and A-tier event this season except for Sumabato 17. Add to that a win over ANTi and a 17th place finish at Genesis 4, and MVD is proving that hard work can be rewarded.

#35 AC [Falco/Meta Knight] (PGR v2 N/A)

You might as well call AC the PGR slayer. Over the course of three Saga events AC has earned wins over MK Leo, Samsora, Dath, Ned, and more. He also made it to top 8 at Midwest Mayhem Saga. The man has single-handedly put Falco back in the conversation, and is a terror for any PGR player to meet in bracket.

#34 T [Link] (PGR v2 N/A)

Remember when we said Civil War helped some players? T got 3rd there. 3rd is really high at an S-tier event. It’s also not his only good placing this year. He finished 5th at the Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier and 13th at SGC. In his Civil War run, T also earned wins over Abadango and Fatality. One more strong showing at an A-tier event or better will cement T’s place at a top 40 player in the world.

#33 Circa | 6WX [Sonic] (PGR v2 #30)

6WX is a king of consistency in the back half of the PGR. 9th at Midwest Mayhem Saga, CEO Dreamland, and Midwest Mayhem 8. He also got 33rd at Genesis 4 and Civil War, and 7th at KTAR XX and Genesis Saga. With all these consistent placings, 6WX will be terrifying if he ever places first, since he’ll probably do it again soon after.

#32 Earth [Pit/Corrin] (PGR v2 #25)

Earth has had a great year. He’s taken 5th at Sumabato 17, and 17th at Civil War. Unfortunately, his strong placings were not necessarily paired with good wins. Being consistent and placing well actually reduces the value of any wins you have according to current PGR methodology. As a result, Earth will need to keep playing well and take a few more high caliber names to return back to the top 30.

#31 Ned [Cloud] (PGR v2 #50)

Contending for PGR’s Most Improved, Ned has climbed far. He finished 4th at Midwest Mayhem Saga and 17th at Frostbite. He also won Midwest Mayhem 7, and beat ZeRo on his way to 4th place at Midwest Mayhem 8. Now with ZeRo in his region regularly, Ned has the potential to keep climbing towards the top 20 with a few more good showings and another win against the top 10.

#30 BSD | Elegant [Luigi] (PGR v2 N/A)

Beefy Smash Dood’s new Luigi main is having a banner year. He finished 3rd at Midwest Mayhem 6. His 17th place run at Genesis 4 included wins over Salem and Fatality. From unranked to top 30 in the world, who knows how far Elegant could climb by the end of this season.

#29 HIKARU [D.K.] (PGR v2 N/A)

Thanks to Vayseth, there is a crop of Japanese players who’ve been able to finally be recognized by the PGR. They were always strong locally, but unable to travel to compete in US majors. HIKARU represents the first of this batch to crack the top 30 this season. While his 7th at Civil War put him on the map internationally, HIKARU remains a contender back home with a 9th place at Sumabato 17 and 5th at the Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier. Not to mention, his Civil War run included wins against top 10 players like VoiD and Mr. R.

#28 DNG | Kameme [Mega Man/Sheik] (PGR v2 #11)

When critiquing the PGR v2, many pointed to Kameme. Outside of his 2nd place at EVO, many felt he didn’t have the placings to earn that 11th place spot. In a system that devalues peaks, coupled with Kameme falling off somewhat, he falls rapidly out of the top 20. Despite a 25th at Genesis 4 and top 20 finishes at all his A- and B-tier events, Kameme has not seen a top 8 yet this season. He also doesn’t have near the same quality of wins he had in v2. The world’s best Mega Man will need to start taking some names and holding on in winner’s side in order to climb back up into the top 20.

#27 RVL | Mr. E [Marth] (PGR v2 #18)

On PGR v2, Mr. E had a 1st place finish at Glitch 2 boosting his results. Unfortunately, his 2017 performance has been less than what many expected. He still has strong runs at Civil War (25th), Genesis Saga (9th), and Frostbite 2017 (9th) as well as a 7th place at KTAR XX. However, he most recently finished 65th at CEO Dreamland. Hopefully this most recent performance was a fluke, and Mr. E can quickly return to form and climb back towards the top 20.

#26 IMT | ANTi [Mario/Cloud/ZSS/Meta Knight/Charizard/Sheik now I guess] (PGR v2 #9)

As we said at the start, we gave no weight to the PGR v2, except when considering wins. Every player was examined as though this was their first season competing. ANTi has yet to see a top 8 this season. He also hasn’t traveled to many events, missing both A-tier Sagas and Frostbite 2017. Being top 10 also makes it difficult to give weight to any wins he has on any PGR players ranked below him. His 9th place at Genesis 4 gives ANTi a shot to quickly shoot back up into the top 20, but without an A-tier top 8, it’s difficult to see ANTi climbing any higher than that with so much strong competition ahead.

#25 Locus [Ryu] (PGR v2 #45)

With Trela fading into the mist and Darkshad falling off, Locus is now the only PGR ranked Ryu. Fortunately, he’s been carrying that burden well this season. With wins over Ally and Nairo, Locus finished 7th at Civil War. Since that event he’s continue a strong run with 5th at Midwest Mayhem 8, nearly upsetting ZeRo. At his current rate, Locus is a very strong contender to crack the top 20 this season.

#24 PG | Rich Brown [Mewtwo] (PGR v2 #23)

Smash 4’s best piano player is an unfortunate victim of the PGR’s Japanese invasion. He’s got a 5th place finish at Midwest Mayhem Saga, 17th at Genesis 4, and 13th at both Genesis Saga and CEO Dreamland. As you’ll see in a moment, he literally misses the top 20 as a result of some amazing Japanese talent becoming PGR eligible. If Rich Brown can continue to travel and place well, we will likely see him finish in the top 20 by the end of the season.

#23 Shuton [Olimar] (PGR v2 N/A)

Next in the line of “new” Japanese talent comes the world’s best Olimar. He blew up in the west with a 5th place finish at Frostbite 2017 and placed 13th at Civil War. With multiple PGR wins including WaDi and Dabuz, Shuton is having a fantastic start to his PGR season.

#22 Tsu [Lucario] (PGR v2 N/A)

It seems the PGR can only support one Lucario player, and Tsu has loudly claimed that role. He followed up a 4th at Tokaigi by taking 2nd at Frostbite 2017, upsetting ZeRo along the way. Add in a 13th at Civil War and Tsu has shown his Lucario can contend with anyone. Just as long as he doesn’t get seeded too high.

#21 9B [Bayonetta] (PGR v2 N/A)

Despite limited appearances outside Japan, 9B has shown his strength at every event. He finished 13th at both Genesis 4 and Civil War. At Civil War he took a win from Ranai, and defeated Rich Brown at Genesis. Without a top 10 win or a top 8 at an A-tier, it’s difficult to see 9B climb much higher due to his limited appearances in the US, but he is certainly capable of both.

#20 Samsora [Peach] (PGR v2 #29)

Starting off the top 20 is the Peach main who recently took 5th at CEO Dreamland. That run included wins over ANTi and VoiD. With multiple top 10 wins and top 8 at an A-tier, Samsora has shown significant improvement this season. He also has 17th at Civil War and 2nd at Smash Conference supporting his resume.

#19 EG | Zinoto [Diddy Kong] (PGR v2 #16)

We have not seen Zinoto return to his CEO form from last season. However, this season he did manage to take 1st at a B-tier event (Midwest Mayhem 6). That combined with 7th at Frostbite 2017 and 17th at Civil War, as well as 2nd at Midwest Mayhem 8 kept Zinoto from falling out of the top 20. However, he’ll need to keep up his control over the midwest with so much talent on the rise vying for a top 20 spot.

#18 PG | ESAM [Pikachu/Mewtwo/Samus] (PGR v2 #27)

ESAM has been vocal about how his recent top 10 wins should position him well for a good placing on the PGR v3. 5th at CEO Dreamland and 13th at Genesis 4 certainly don’t hurt either. Add in 4th at PAX Arena and 3rd at Smash Conference, and ESAM looks to be continuing to trend upward, with no limit on where he might finish the season.

#17 MVG | Salem [Bayonetta] (PGR v2 #13)

Just barely edging out ESAM, Salem holds onto his title as the best in Florida. His resume thus far is peppered with top 8 finishes including FPS2, Frostbite 2017, KTAR XX, and 1st place at Smash Conference. Salem also finished 25th at both Genesis 4 and Civil War, giving him a very consistent resume overall. Unfortunately, that solid resume is not enough to retain his spot at 13th this season.

#16 Fatality [Captain Falcon] (PGR v2 #28)

Many may cry fowl at this placing, arguing that Fatality only breaks the top 20 due to his run at Civil War where he finished 2nd. While that performance and the win over Nairo certainly helped, it’s far from his only notable placing. He also took 17th at Genesis Saga, FPS2, and Genesis 4. Those solid placings combined with an incredible run at Civil War offset some inconsistency in his other placings. However, there is plenty of season left and many talented players behind him. He’ll have to find a bit more consistency, or one more spectacular run in order to cement a top 20 finish.

#15 P1 | Tweek [Cloud/D.K.] (PGR v2 #17)

Tweek was one of the breakout stars at the beginning of this season. He took 4th at Genesis Saga and followed it up with 9th at Genesis 4 and 2nd at Midwest Mayhem Saga. However, his A-tier placings have been less incredible of late, finishing 33rd at Frostbite 2017 and 25th at CEO Dreamland. Fortunately, his strong start and 2nd place at KTAR XX give Tweek plenty of room to keep improving and little risk of falling out of the top 20.

#14 Ranai [Villager] (PGR v2 #14)

Thus far, Ranai is the only player to project at the same spot as PGR v2. He certainly has solid performances at Genesis 4 (9th), FPS2 (7th), Sumabato 17 (7th), and Tokaigi (5th). While more consistent in the new TTS format, Ranai has not seen anything quite like his EVO or Genesis 3 runs. If he should have a strong run at CEO or Umebura later this season, we could see the world’s best Villager start to contend for the upper limits of the rankings.

#13 DNL | Marss [Zero Suit Samus] (PGR v2 #15)

At the top of the PGR we see less dramatic movement, but each spot means that much more. Marss has fought hard to climb these two spots. He took 5th at Civil War and 7th at CEO Dreamland. New England’s favorite son also finished 5th at PAX Arena, collecting a win over ANTi. This season Marss has proven he deserves to be in the conversation with the best in the world, and shows no signs of slowing down.

#12 Misfits | Larry Lurr [Fox] (PGR v2 #5)

Like ANTi, our unbiased system was not kind to Larry. Fortunately, Larry had enough strong placings to stay in contention. He placed 5th at Midwest Mayhem Saga and 3rd at PAX Arena. The honest Fox main also grabbed 13th at Genesis and 9th at Civil War. Larry remains a strong player and dangerous man in any loser’s bracket. With multiple big events remaining this season, there is every chance that he returns to the top 10.

#11 Kirihara [Rosalina & Luma] (PGR v2 #48)

Clearly the biggest jump this season, Kirihara has suddenly found himself a dominant force. He followed up a first place finish at FPS2 with 5th place at Civil War. This is in addition to taking 4th at SGC and 5th at Tokaigi. He’s earned wins over Dabuz and ZeRo along the way, just to name a few. We may see Kirihara’s place on this list swing a bit before the season ends, but there’s no question he’s earned a place among the top 20 in the world.

#10 LG | Abadango [Mewtwo] (PGR v2 #7)

While he may fall in the PGR standings, Abadango has had a solid year. He finished 5th at Genesis and 9th at Civil War. This in addition to a 3rd place at Tokaigi, and 9th at SGC. He is hurt by a lack of attendance at the other Sagas and A-tier events so far this season, along with some incredible performances by newcomers to the top 10. He’ll need to defend his spot in the top 10 against some stiff competition throughout the remainder of this season.

#9 CLG | VoiD [Sheik] (PGR v2 #6)

With no major wins under his belt, VoiD’s #6 finish last season was due to his consistent presence in the top 8. Unfortunately, the same has not been true this season. He missed the top 8 at both S-tier events this season with 9th at Genesis 4 and 33rd at Civil War. We did still see our boy finish in the top 8 at Genesis Saga (3rd), Midwest Mayhem Saga (7th), and CEO Dreamland (7th) which secures his spot in the top 10 for now. Hopefully VoiD will remain consistent as the season finishes, allowing him to remain firmly in the top 10 or even move back towards top 5.

#8 NRG | Nairo [Zero Suit Samus/Lucina/Bowser/ask me again tomorrow] (PGR v3 #3)

Many will be surprised to see Nairo this low, as his season has been largely stellar. He took first at the Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier, and then won Tokaigi itself. He finished 3rd at both Frostbite 2017 and CEO Dreamland. When you get to the top 8, the things that set these players are minor details. Nairo is unfortunately the only player in the top 8 to not place top 8 in at least one of the two S-tier events this season. Fortunately for Naifu Nation, there’s still plenty of season left for Nairo to overcome that fact.

#7 C9 | Ally [Mario] (PGR v2 #2)

Last season, Ally’s standing was largely due to his victory at EVO. While he has no S-tier win this season, he did finish 2nd at Genesis 4. Ally is another player who’s been hurt by his lack of attendance. He has not attended a single A-tier event yet this season except for Frostbite 2017 (7th). While his placings at B-tier events are solid, and his resume remains good enough for top 10, the volume is not there to justify going any higher than 7th at this point. If he attends the remaining Saga events and does well at CEO, we could easily see him climb higher.

#6 ???? | Mr. R [Sheik/Cloud] (PGR v2 #10)

The prevailing theory is that Mr. R has left Elevate for a new, better deal with a new team. With his performance this season, that should come as little surprise. He finished 5th at Genesis 4 and 9th at Civil War. Being the only PGR player from Europe also allowed Mr. R to grab some free points by taking 1st at Beast 7, to go with his recent 2nd place at CEO Dreamland. With trending memes, potential new sponsors, and a rising stock in the PGR, we seem to have come a long way from POOR | Mr. R.

#5 2GG | Komorikiri [Cloud/Sonic] (PGR v2 #12)

Thanks to the overwhelming support of his sponsor, Komorikiri has been one of the most well-traveled players of the year. He has attended nearly every A-tier event this season, and made top 8 at all but Frostbite 2017. With a 7th at Genesis 4 and 17th at Civil War, Komo remained incredibly consistent all season. I would imagine Champ and crew are quite happy with their choice of player to sponsor.

#4 Captain Zack [Bayonetta] (PGR v2 #20)

At this point, many people have closed this article and are currently on Reddit stating that this placing invalidates the whole project. I myself was very skeptical of placing Zack this high. However, the results speak for themselves. While he does not get credit for the win over Komorikiri, his 4th place finish at Genesis 4 remains valid. This is in addition to taking 4th at Civil War. Save for Dabuz, no other player on the PGR made top 8 at both S-tier events this season. This is in addition to finishing 5th at FPS2 and Midwest Mayhem 6. Captain Zack is unquestionably a top 10 player this season, where he finishes will be one of the biggest stories going forward.

#3 FOX | MVG | MK Leo [Cloud/Marth/Shiek] (PGR v2 #8)

While we did not seek to reward one strong placing in this mock ranking, it is my belief that winning an event should still carry significant weight. However, to be top three in the world, that win needs some supporting evidence. Leo backs up his 1st at Genesis 4 with his placings at Genesis Saga (5th), Frame Perfect Series 2 (3rd), and Frostbite 2017 (13th). This placing is also significantly helped by our small pool of data. If these are Leo’s only notable placings at the end of the season, we will likely see him fall back down near his #8 from last season. However, as of right now MK Leo has had the third best overall performance this season.

#2 RNG | Dabuz [Rosaline & Luma/Olimar] (PGR v2 #4)

As with Leo, taking first at an S-tier gives Dabuz a significant boost. However, Dabuz is making a case for this placing even without over-valuing that win. 4th at CEO Dreamland and Frostbite, 7th at Genesis 4 and Tokaigi, 5th at FPS2, 2nd at PAX Arena–no one can deny Dabuz has had an outstanding season. With no signs of slowing down, finishing in 2nd is a very real possibility.

#1 TSM | ZeRo [Diddy Kong/PersistentBlade] (PGR v2 #1)

What is there to even say? With an overwhelming number of first place finishes, 3rd at Genesis 4, and a body of work no one can even touch–ZeRo remains uncontested as the best player in the world. ZeRo could take the rest of the season to stream some Dropzone and still probably finish in first place. Put simply: ZeRo’s really good.



Thanks for Reading!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, comment, yell at me, whatever! This was an incredibly fun exercise. We did learn a few things that I want to share here as discussion points to watch for when the final PGR v3 is released.


  1. SoCal bias–Every Saga event is A-tier or better to this point. This gave far greater chance to players from that region to earn a spot. Particularly at the bottom, the last 10 spots were flooded with SoCal players that made good runs at Saga events. It’s unclear whether or not this is a problem, but certainly something to keep an eye on with more Sagas to come this season.
  2. ANTi boosted kids–When breaking a tie between players, we gave special weight to wins against the top 10. ANTi has given out a lot of wins against the top 10 so far this season. This could have a very real effect on the PGR if players make top 10 and then fall of drastically.
  3. S/A-tier versus B/C–Our methodology gave significantly more weight to S- and A-tier tournaments. While our goal was to reward consistency, we still possibly over-rewarded players who had one great run at an A-tier event. This method left players like Scatt, WaDi, Tyrant, Saj, and Dyr completely off the PGR where a system that gave more weight to C-tier events may have given them a shot.
  4. The bottom is volatile–while I still don’t think there’s any reason to expand the PGR beyond 50, the bottom of the list is insanely up in the air. You could easily make a case for 10 different players to earn spots 45-50. No matter what, someone deserving will be snubbed on a 50-person ranking.

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