Smash 4 Summit–Yes We Can



Since I’m not actually a host on the Set Count (despite talking to my phone like I’m on the show every week, no I’m not crazy, you shut up) I wanted to take a moment to add my thoughts regarding the discussion about how to do a Smash 4 Summit.

We’re Too Boring

First, lets address in detail the concept of the lack of personalities in Smash 4. I hate this meme so very much. The average Smash 4 fan has only ever seen top level players interviewed before crew battles by an awful MC who is just trying to pull clunky trash talk out of players who just aren’t in that head space. They are focused on winning, not on entertaining. Go watch the streams for any of those players. When they are in a relaxed environment it is a completely different story. Listen to ESAM on commentary at Xanadu, it’s hilarious. Go watch Zero’s interview after winning Frostbite–that is compelling television. Watch EE’s interview with Captain Zach regarding 0.9gate. That boy is not only flashy and fun, but he’s intelligent and well spoken.  READ ANY DAY OF ANTI’S TWITTER WHERE HE TALKS LIKE THIS. Watch Nairo’s stream when he’s playing Falcon dittos with Zero. Go back and watch Mr. R vs Abadongo at TBH6 and listen to TK’s commentary. Smash 4 is dripping with personality.

Look again at Melee and who’s really interesting to listen to there. Armada is barely on the couch and has a thick accent. Mew2king was on the couch for grand finals and barely spoke. Hbox is charismatic, but doesn’t do anything that stirs up drama. Melee’s top player personalities are basically just Mango.  Who were the people that made the biggest splash at the last two summits? They were The Moon and ChuDat. Two players who had no chance at winning the event, but made the event better by being there. We have those people in spades. We also have TK and EE, two of the best in the business. They are better hosts than anyone at the Melee summit. Even if our couch of pro players wasn’t amazing, those two have the skills to bring it out of them, and carry the commentary when the pros on the couch falter.

As far as I’m concerned, this idea needs to be dropped immediately. Look at what Civil War did to Twitter. You’re telling me if you get Void and Zero talking about Yugioh while Esam and Nairo battle in a low tier Iron Man, you wouldn’t watch that? Sign me up, here’s my $100 donation to the incentive.

Here’s my ideal 16 for a smash 4 summit-style event.

Nairo–Get them Naifu views
Dabuz–Dude generates memes by accident
Larry–The full top 5 should get in, and his twitter is great
Anti–king of twitter, will likely be amazing on the couch
Void–everyone loves void
Captain Zach–only one Bayo allowed, bring the one that’ll be best on camera
Esam–he has more twitter followers than Anti and the best youtube content in the game
MVD–give him the PPU clause for static doubles team, and having one pair of bestest friends at the even would be fun for games and commentary
Mr. R–EU rep, and I think his stream is great
Abadango–Pac man in low tier event, plus one rep from Japan would be good especially if Vayseth is there. Plus we can all raise our dongers in chat!
Tweek–one cloud allowed, get the best one that speaks english. Plus DK hype!
Marss–no one styles in tournament like Marss
Rich Brown–concert night!
Day–no one talks crap like Day, plus Lucario

Again, remember that with a summit-style event the singles tournament being stacked with talent is not the most important thing. This group of players is crazy diverse and would create conversation and entertainment. Plus, you still have most of the top 10, so the final day of the singles event would still be amazing.

On commentary, you could have TK, EE, D1, Keitaro, and SKY WILLIAMS.  Y’ALL DONE FORGOT ABOUT SKY WILLIAMS!  Does Melee have friggin Sky friggin Williams?  No, they super don’t. Get Sky friggin Williams on a couch with Anti, Esam, and TK and forget that there’s even a match happening.

We’re Too Poor

Second, the idea that Smash 4 fans can’t put up the money.  How many people are going to Civil War again? How many compendiums have we filled over the last two years? I feel like we’ve proven pretty well that Smash 4 fans are willing to donate money to things. Now you’re telling them that their favorite player’s Summit bid is on the line? Watch the donations roll in.

Quickly, lets also address the idea that the Smash 4 fanbase is younger. Companies seem pretty happy to have Anti shill for their products, so whoever his fans are, these companies must think he’s worth their time. Immortals seems pretty happy with the number of jerseys and other merch he’s moved. I myself own an Anti jersey and hoodie. Further, even if our fanbase is mostly under 18, so what? Go read anything about the CS:GO betting scandals, or look at the data on free to play games like Clash of Clans. Kids today have access to their parents money, have more disposable income of their own than ever before, and know how to purchase things online. If they want to see MVD at the summit, 14 year olds will find a way to make it happen.

Make It Happen

So yea, there’s literally no reason not to make this happen, outside of the work involved in putting it together. I absolutely think that we could make something incredible, and it wouldn’t need nearly the amount of manufacturing that Vayseth and Sage were discussing today. It just needs interesting events, good marketing, and Sky friggin Williams.

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