From the Front Lines: Civil War Part 1

Fellow smashers, this is Trent Murray reporting to you from the front lines of the Civil War. The shots seem to have slowed for the moment, allowing me to finally leave my bunker long enough to send you this report.

Blood has been spilled and now no one is safe. What we are seeing right now is trench warfare on a grand scale.
It’s been a year since the cold war between the nations of Ally and Zero began. While the two commanders had traded blows in the past, each always trying to find an advantage over their hated foe, there were few that believed it would ever escalate into a full-scale conflict. That all changed this month.
The battle lines have been clearly drawn. Zero and Ally have rallied their armies behind them. Blood has been spilled and now no one is safe. What we are seeing right now is trench warfare on a grand scale.
In a bold move, Ally began with a subversive opening gambit. He allowed himself to appear intimidated, seeming almost to have given up the fight before it began. However, while the world was reacting to the seemingly overwhelming strength of Team Zero, the cunning Canadian sent his lieutenant, Zinoto, to assassinate Zero’s most trusted general. Unfortunately for Zinoto, Anti was well-prepared for the assault. The two traded shots back and forth. Zinoto even hired a mercenary, Rich Brown, to overwhelm Anti. However, the Immortal was able to fend off both attackers.
While Anti recovered, Zero chose to press forward on a new front. He sent first gunner Larry Lurr on an aerial strike against Mr. R. The attack was swift, sudden, and merciless. However, with his command of the high ground, Mr. R’s anti-air artillery kept Larry at bay.
Some seek profit from the carnage, while others simply want to watch the world of Smash burn.
Emboldened by their strong defensive position, Ally’s army began a two-pronged assault. From his Elevated position, Mr. R turned his guns towards Zero’s young corporal, Void. Meanwhile, private Marss was sent to draw Zero himself into the open.
On the one hand, the gambit was successful. Zero leaped savagely into the fray, chasing down Marss and pressing forward. However, Ally’s defenses crumbled quickly on the second front. Void proved too wily for Mr. R’s direct attack and Ally’s European division was forced to retreat.
For now, there seems to be a calm on the battlefield, but it cannot last. Other interests have seen ways to profit from the continuation of this conflict. Others simply want to watch the world of Smash burn.
Who knows where or when the next engagement will begin. I’ve been hearing reports that both sides are gearing up for a full-scale, head-to-head confrontation. We’ve seen so much destruction already from these long range attacks, if Zero and Ally should choose to bring their full forces to bear, who knows if anyone would be left standing when the dust settles.
For now, I’ll return to my bunker and await the next bombardment. Be ever vigilant! I will correspond again as soon as I am able to do so safely.

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